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This device was designed completely independently and without the need for electrical installation in a completely waterproof box for drilling machines.

In model 1222, it specifies the location of drilling and the duration of drilling

In addition to the capabilities of the 1222 model, the 1223 model specifies more than a few parameters that can be measured during drilling and sends them to the relevant authorities or the main server, and it is able to completely archive the information of a thousand drilling sites in its internal memory. .



  • Supervision of drilling machines
  • Collecting and preparing information from excavation sites and archiving them
  • Management tools in the protection of underground water resources

Has technical approval number 961/57097 from the regional water company of Ardabil province




Technical specifications of the drilling machine controller

  • Using the GSM platform through GPRS, SMS
  • The ability to see a new position every three seconds
  • The possibility of viewing the location of the drilling machine controller on Google Map at different management levels by the organization's central server and mobile phone
  • Displaying the position of the drilling machine controller based on adjustable moving distances and changing the movement angle of the drilling machine controller
  • Powerful software on the web with the possibility of professional reporting and very high position display speed
  • The possibility of tracking the controller of the drilling machine on Google Map by any type of phone without the need for other external software
  • Very low GPRS cost to track rig controller every 15 seconds
  • The possibility of defining the geographical area (Geo-fence) of the hardware
  • The ability to run under a network and multiple users or the Internet
  • Add and calibrate different maps
  • Issuance of various management reports with graphic display on the map
  • Ability to work with web software with low internet speed
  • Multiple users can use the software at the same time
  • The possibility of charging the SIM card of the drilling machine controller through the central server and various mobile phones
  • The possibility of querying the charge available in the SIM card of the drilling machine controller through the software
    Ambient listening capability
  • Equipped with an independent supply system by Solarcell and an internal battery with at least 48 hours of support
  • Ability to send the following information and alarms via SMS, GPRS
  • The ability to set time intervals for sending information
  • View the charge amount of the SIM card of the device
  • Notifier of input power cut
  • Notification of changes in system inputs (sensors, etc.)
  • Exit from geo-fence

Distinctive and special side features of GPS drilling that can be ordered if necessary:


  • Ability to supply energy through solar cell and communication port
  • The battery of the device has a high capacity (at least 4.5 amp hours).
  • It is resistant to weather changes (-35 to 60 degrees Celsius) and waterproof
  • A central portal for the management of all provincial offices and related institutions
  • Servers required for each province to receive device information and manage and send reports to the central portal
  • The ability to connect to the database of drilling companies that can be compiled
  • Ability to communicate in emergency situations
  • The ability to take photos or slides when necessary from the location of the drilling machine
  • Saving messages in device memory
  • Electronic switch to define management levels
  • Special servers for maintaining province information and managing them


Optional parameters and accessories of the drilling rig controller

  • Calculation of drilling depth every 60 seconds
  • Measuring the temperature of the drilling layers at every depth of 50 cm
  • Surface hardness of the layers
  • Calculating the depth of the water table from the end point of drilling up to 150 meters and with three angles of 20 degrees in three directions and vertically
  • Electrical conductivity coefficient of tank water
  • Water density and clarity (percentage of salinity and impurity)
  • flow measurement
  • Drilling speed
  • Send and receive audio
  • The ability to send samples from the site (as well as the ability to perform administrative tasks of receiving applications and issuing drilling permits and traffic sheets, controlling the route and providing accurate drilling locations and coordinating with the relevant bodies to control the traffic of fleets and drilling devices, layer by layer management)
  • Calculation of drilling time
  • Calculation of normal operation energy consumption
  • Stopping the operation after detecting the depth specified in the license
  • Vector graph in the drilling process
  • Moisture measurement of each cut
  • Determine the conductivity of each cassette
  • The possibility of recording the information of 300 collected samples
  • Investigating the intensity of mechanical energy transfer at the level of 500 meters radius of the drilling point
  • Skopec audio level review
  • Preparation of diagrams for the last 6 cases
Drilling 1222 1223 Water Company Supervision of drilling

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