| Introducing the "Yar Mehraban" school service monitoring system |

In the not-so-distant past, due to the small size of cities, there was no need for transportation services for students, but with the expansion of cities, the increase in population, and the busyness of parents, nowadays having a service is one of the essential needs in the education of children. Every year, as the month of Mehr approaches, the concern of whether the car used in the services is suitable, and whether the driver is suitable for the services, worries the families and often causes conflicts between the parents and the school officials.

The occurrence of several cases of abnormality and heartbreaking accidents of driving services in the past years has increased the sensitivity of families, and for this reason, the attention and care of education managers and officials (the work of the Article 18 (School Service) Group) to prevent social damage made more necessary.

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As the first set of applications, "Smart Online System" aims to create a sense of security and systematization of school service traffic for students and is in line with e-government to dear compatriots across the country for school administrators and parents of service providers. Schools are designed and presented. Finally, organizing these services is considered.

Benefits and features
Online viewing of school service traffic by smartphone and management computers
Alarm to start serving parents by announcing the student's route on the map
Notifying of boarding or disembarking of the student during the service
Sending warning and important messages automatically and systemically (delay, acceleration, derailment, excessive stoppage of service outside of the program, etc.)
Announcing the approaching service and contacting the driver

Benefits and features
Public information on SMS platform and system
View all past records of service traffic and access to the complete history
Integration in the registration system
Registration, issuance of approval and renewal
Mutual scoring
The above options can be selected.

Implementation steps
Label installation
Installing the system hardware on the service
software installation
Training and exploitationMaintenance and service from moment to moment

It is suggested and predicted that for the implementation of this plan, agencies and telephone taxis, the contractors providing the school service will undertake the costs of providing the hardware, in order to benefit from the competitive advantages of this system, and also to apply action instructions to the school administrators to cooperate with Authorized services equipped with this system can exploit this system and make a patch.
Samane Yar Mehraban will provide software services to school administrations and parents and competent users who use these services for free.

Competitive advantages

Based on the 2007 approval letter of the Council of Ministers, schools will only be allowed to operate with services that have received the authority to operate from the competent authorities.
This system allows administrators to offer suitable services to parents of students by obtaining qualification documents and placing them in the folder in the initial admission.

Peace of mind for families due to moment-to-moment monitoring of students' movement and behavior by parents and competent officials


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