List of frequently asked questions of Barna Sablan Ardabil company

Do we have to be a member to use the site's services?

Yes, to better use the services provided in the system, you must enter your mobile number, then a confirmation code will be sent to you, which will be confirmed by entering the confirmation code of your user account, and you can use the farm services.

Can I monitor my form at all hours of the day and night?

Yes, the system is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can use the system. The support team will fully answer your questions during daily working hours, and you can raise your needs with the system support team by registering a support ticket at any time.

What is the way to buy non-present goods from you?

You can do all the shopping steps online through the website and after choosing the desired products, go to the shopping cart section on the website and after entering your details and address, make your purchase through the online payment portal. finalize the
    You can also WhatsApp the desired products in the form of a list (handwritten or printed) to 09144526756.
    Our colleagues at Brena Sablan sales unit will issue and send you a proforma invoice after viewing your list.
    If the sent proforma invoice is approved by you, the address and details of the place of delivery of the goods will be received from you with your approval.
    After depositing the money to the numbers listed under the proforma invoice, it will be sent to you.

What should I do if the product you sent was damaged?

All the goods are tested and checked by our technical experts before sending and after the final quality control they are packed and sealed in order to avoid wasting time for the customers due to the return and resending of the goods. to receive In case of any defect or technical defect, the defective product will be replaced with a new product immediately. In case of such cases, the cost of returning and resending is the responsibility of Brenna Sablan.

To which cities can you send goods?

We can send goods to all provinces, cities and villages of Iran.

How to send the warranty products to the company?

  • Below you can see some conditions related to Ava's after-sales service system.
  • Both final consumers and sales representatives of the company can send products under warranty to the company.
  • To find out the address and postal code of the company's after-sales service center, be sure to contact the company's public relations numbers.
  • The cost of sending the product to the company will be borne by the sender, and the cost of returning the product after fixing the defect will be borne by Brena Sablan Ardabil company.
  • The product received by the company after fixing the defect will be returned only to the sender's address.