Areas of activity of Barna Sablan Ardabil company

The main areas of our activity are:

1- Research and development

A- Designing and making a marketing laboratory sample and developing an explanatory plan

B- Semi-industrial design and sample production

C- Industrial construction and compilation of assembly documents and after-sales service and user manual training


A - Electronic devices and components: voltage and current protection modules, IOT modules, IIOT cards,

B - Social infrastructure systems: power systems, industrial solar thermal geothermal power plants and waste water with TEG (low capacity) technology, types of data loggers, cooling systems for cryptocurrency mining equipment, monitoring and control systems for farm equipment, portals A fabric for monitoring and controlling unauthorized withdrawals and overdrafts from the distribution network and monitoring and control systems for form equipment.

C- Digital products: single-phase and three-phase household data loggers, emergency power data loggers, as well as products of all kinds of parametric control systems and remote analysis and monitoring, such as monitoring and monitoring devices for drilling machines, agricultural wells.

3_ Technical services:

A. Design of hardware (electricity, electronics) and IT ، software programing

B_ Educational services

C-Repack technical services, repair, maintenance

d_contracting services (design, implementation, maintenance)