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About Barna Sablan Ardabil company

Barna Sablan Ardabil Institute was founded by Mrs. Masoumeh Eshghi Azar Barq and Dr. Manouchehr Biban Moghadam since 03/11/2013. And by operating in the fields of "telecommunications, electricity, and protective and monitoring equipment, water, designing and implementing distributed power plants and producing Miner Kartal" has a research and development license from the Mining Industry and Trade Organization. It has created more than 100 inventions and twenty-three volumes of technical books and 25 presentable and strategic products, and since these products are exclusive and belong to our collection in terms of intellectual rights, it has acquired a unique commercial competition. Even now, with the development of our collection, we have provided an independent department for activities in the field of IT and entered IOT, IIOT.

In our group, with the attitude of "human-centered technology", we consider every challenge as an opportunity and we believe that we will become one of the recognized pioneers in the industry of various technologies. Our belief and faith is "to be the best in the world"; We will bring the first place in the global market share due to the uniqueness of our products; While looking at the depths of time, we are creating a solid and stable structure through time and research and development and achieving our hopes and beliefs in business, which our raw materials are initiatives in management, innovation in implementation and inventions for the needs of society. It is a safe and cheap production and fast supply without competition and our unique service.

From the very beginning, we understood the role of human resources and organizational culture in advancing strategies; Therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on the learning mechanism. Although we had less characteristics of group cooperation, we had a high level of perseverance and creativity. However, the management has followed certain plans for the collection. Developing creativity among the company's forces and keeping them ready has made it easy to implement whenever managers make a strategic decision. Through technology innovation, we provide products that make life safer, more comfortable and more productive while preserving the environment.

Based on trust and respect, we have established close relationships with our customers and business partners, guaranteeing our products and round-the-clock services. "

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