Barna Sablan Ardabil company, relying on its experience in the field of designing and manufacturing laboratory samples - semi-industrial and industrial design - production of solar thermal geothermal power plants - production of single-phase and three-phase household data loggers - agricultural well control system - Ripek technical services , repair, maintenance - contracting services - all kinds of applications, websites, with the use of expert experts in system analysis and design and programming, using the latest technology and methodology to implement the ideas of your dear customers in the shortest time and cost. Converts applications.

As one of the companies with a long history in the field of producing electronic products and equipment, Barna Sablan Ardabil has provided a very suitable environment for accepting young and elite talents. We are trying to create a company with the best people who will share innovative work with us every day and we will provide valuable services to our beloved country and society with new knowledge. Therefore, we are ready to receive new ideas and projects. We are your applications in the fields of laboratory science, medicine, biotechnology and medicine, etc.

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Electrical engineer skillsIn order to become a professional electrical engineer, you need to acquire the skills of an electrical engineer. Nowadays, in order to enter the job market, it...

Is electricity better or electronics?

The difference between electricity and electronicsChoosing a major for some fields may be a bit difficult and complicated. The electrical field is no exception to this rule. There is al...


What is the difference between electrical and electronic engineering?

Electrical and electronic engineering are two different types of engineering, but they overlap a lot. They are usually part of an academic group and are often studied together at underg...


Electronic Engineering

Electronic EngineeringElectrical and electronic engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including in the field...

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